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Risk management theory and practice

Risk management theory and practice (RMTAP) - this web site provides theoretical and practical answers to questions about risks and risk management in various sectors of the economy.

Business activity is closely connected with a concept risk. For successful existence in the conditions of market economy the entrepreneur needs to decide on introduction of technical innovations and on courageous, uncommon actions, and it enhances risk. Therefore it is necessary to evaluate correctly a risk degree and to be able to manage risk to achieve more effective results in the market.

The main concept:

The risk is the activity connected with overcoming uncertainty of situations of the inevitable choice in the course of which there is an opportunity quantitatively and to qualitatively estimate the probability of achievement of expected result, failure and a deviation from the purpose.

Risk management is the processes connected with identification, risk analysis and decision making which include maximizing positive and minimization of negative consequences of approach of risk events.

Risk-management represents risk management system and the economic (financial) relations arising in the course of this management, including strategy and tactics of risk management.

Information collected on this website will help you to construct effective risk management system at the enterprise, consistently studying material on the risk-mendzhmentu presented in the following sections of the website:

  • theory, concept and essence of risk;
  • characteristics of risk;
  • calculation and risk analysis;
  • types and classification of risks by various signs, including classification of entrepreneurial, financial, economic, bank, credit and investment risks;
  • the procedure of evaluating risks by means of methods qualitative and quantitative risk analysis;
  • risks insurance;
  • risk management, manage risk;
  • risk management methods;
  • creation of a complex enterprise risk management system.


Published information Risks of the business community.

Added material Risks of public administration bodies.

Article published Common regulatory risks.

Added information General scientific and technical risks.

Article is placed General environmental risks.

Article is placed General social risks.

Updated material General policy risks.


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